Hello, I am Nina Baikoro

I am passionate about empowering individuals and businesses to realise their potential. I feel we all have potential to be unlocked and I founded Qorro & Associates to help do just that.

At Qorro & Associates, we work hard to ensure your relationship with us doesn’t start and end when your accounts and taxes are due. By supporting you to get your compliance work out of the way quicker, we can be proactive in helping you prepare for your next steps. We help you plan ahead to minimise your tax liabilities and realise your business goals so you can become financially confident, flexible and in control.

We truly believe in the transformative power of teaming and partnering in business and we are excited to start a dialogue with you, learn about your ambitions, and accomplished some amazing things together.

Our Simple Approach

with the aim to reduce anxiety around running your business

Get you organised

accounts and Tax are one of our favourite things to do, we help you get organised to help you perform your essential duties so you can focus on growing your business

Keep you informed

We want you informed and in control. We communicate complex rules clearly and keep you abreast of changes so at all times, you know what we are doing to add value for your business.

Support & Optimise

We are only a telephone call, an email or a meeting away for whatever you need to discuss or when you just want someone to talk to about your ambitious ideas.