Qorro & Associates provide comprehensive, expert consulting services to businesses using Microsoft Excel across the United Kingdom.

We provide the most cost-effective solution to all those hours wasted when you reach the limit of your Excel knowledge.

Using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), we can design and develop macros to automate your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or create new formulas tailored to your business requirements. We can also write VBA code for Access databases, PowerPoint presentations and Word documents. Our philosophy however, is to keep things simple, keeping the programming and the technical jargon to a minimum, and providing open and concise explanations for everything.

  • Save time by automating daily repetitive tasks.
  • We primarily assist clients from all size and all over the world with their Excel needs. Our friendly Excel consultants will help you with any requirements from VBA Macros to developing easy to understand models as well as streamlining/auditing your existing model).