Microsoft Access is powerful relational database that can almost do anything you want it to do. However, not many people know how to use it to the best of its abilities and this is where we come in to help out.

If your spread sheets are creaking under the weight of your data, or you have an old Database system in dire need of attention, or you simply believe that a database is the right solution for your business then we can help you! We can develop your database from scratch or convert an existing system so that your data flows from source to final reporting.

We can use visual basic to control forms, manipulate data, build up SQL strings, but we believe the best solution is the simplest solution. We always try to keep the “fancy stuff” to a minimum. The best systems are the ones where you can understand how it all works. That way, the system will be easier to change and grow as your business requirements change.

  • System documentation
  • Databases that are easy to maintain and grow
  • No passwords – you keep control
  • Integration with other applications eg Excel
  • Training
  • Setting up a bespoke system
  • Negotiations